At Ƶ Park College, we provide outstanding academic programs, degrees, and certificates. Our faculty and staff are well educated, trained, and most of all interested in you and your success. No matter what program you choose, you will find effective and valuable training by professionals that really care about you.

Online Programs

Ƶ Park College offers multiple degree plans that can be completed fully online.

Transfer Opportunities

If you are interested in continuing your education we offer transfer opportunities to four-year colleges and universities throughout the State of Arkansas. Please refer to Ƶ Park Ƶ Center for more information.

Standards of Excellence

Ƶ Park College strives to meet the academic needs of students in three ways:

  1. By providing programs of study for students planning to continue their college education at four-year colleges and universities;
  2. By providing two-year associate degrees that lead to a rewarding career or enhance career mobility; and,
  3. By providing a variety of short-term programs designed to upgrade technical skills and knowledge, leading to a certificate from the College.

To ensure academic excellence and create an environment conducive to teaching and learning, the College requires that students meet clearly defined academic standards and adhere to general academic policies. Student are expected to become familiar with general academic policies of the College and to adhere to these guidelines. Questions concerning the College's academic policies should be directed to an advisor, the Vice President of Student Affairs, or the Vice President of Academic Affairs.