The Innovative Technology Center (ITC) is a collaborative workspace and learning environment for the Hot Springs area. Working with local industry, educators, and the greater community, the ITC proactively implements opportunities to empower individuals with the skills necessary for an ever-changing world to enrich and stimulate a growing economy. The ITC focuses on three primary areas to achieve these goals and mission: Industry, Educational Institutions, and Community. By bringing these together, the ITC offers training, practice, and the implementation of a wide variety of soft, technical, and trade skills.

Industry Training

The ITC offers training and workshops to facilitate and support the growth of skills within the workforce.

Education Opportunities

The ITC helps support local schools by offering classes, workshops, and resources to aid in expanding the educational opportunities in the area.


The ITC hosts a publicly accessible Makerspace, equipped with tools, equipment, and resources for a wide variety of projects. 

ITC Calendar

The next 3 months of the Innovative Technologies Center calendar are displayed below. For more information, see the full .

To register for an event, please click the event link, which will redirect you to the calendar page. Then, scroll down to complete the registration fields. You are not obligated to create an account, though by creating an account you can keep track of the events for which you have registered.

ITC Mission

The Innovative Technologies Center will stimulate economic growth in Garland county and Arkansas by serving as a source of inspiration and unique educational resource for industry and the community at large.

ITC Newsletter

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Key Stakeholders

The Innovation Technologies Center will accomplish this mission by providing services to industry, the community of novice creative and budding innovators as well as expert innovators, K-12 students and teachers, Ƶ Park College students and faculty.

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