Finding Your Path

A community college to university transfer path puts a bachelor's degree within your reach. There are many advantages to this educational path, and NPC has developed over 70 transfer degrees that help you successfully transition to a four-year college or university. Transferring your NPC credits to another college or university has never been easier.

Each transfer degree allows you to complete your freshman and sophomore courses at NPC without losing credit when transferring to a university. The NPC courses are equivalent to the same courses at the university and are guaranteed to transfer to your bachelor's degree. You will not have to repeat courses when you transfer, and you receive a university-caliber education at NPC with the financial value of a community college. When you successfully complete your degree at NPC and meet the admissions requirements of the university and program to which you apply, you will also enter your university degree program as a junior.

Transfer Degree Opportunities

To explore the convenient transfer programs NPC has to offer, visit Transfer Degree Opportunities

If NPC does not have a transfer degree that meets your academic and career goals and you are planning to transfer with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, you should work with an NPC advisor to ensure that as many courses as possible will transfer to your university degree program. Although the AA will transfer to all public universities in Arkansas, every course in the AA general transfer degree is not guaranteed to transfer to your specific bachelor's degree program, and it is possible you may not enter your university degree program as a junior.  


To discuss transfer degrees that meet your professional and academic goals, make an appointment with the Ƶ Park Ƶ Center Transfer Coordinator at or 501-760-4373. After evaluating your interests, you will be referred to a faculty mentor or NPC advisor who will provide academic advising, which includes a graduation map, for your selected transfer degree.