The NPC Career Academy is a secondary area career and technology center that serves public schools in the Garland County area. The secondary center is available to junior and senior level high school students. Program offerings are two years in length. Second year students have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing and apprenticeship activities. Instruction in the areas offered by the center prepare students for entry-level employment and provide the foundation for further education.


Eleventh and twelfth grade students are eligible to enroll in all training areas. Ƶ may enroll in August by contacting their home high school counselor or principal. All students, including returning students, must complete an enrollment application before being considered for admission in any of the training areas.

Priority enrollment is given to students as follows: Returning second-year students, first-year juniors, and first-year seniors. Enrollment is limited in each of the training areas.

Due to space restrictions and safety concerns, students may be asked to choose an alternate training program or alternate time. In addition to the guidelines listed here, each program area has other specific guidelines that are used to determine enrollment, which are listed with the program descriptions. The final determination of enrollment in any of the programs will be at the discretion of the program instructor and the center director.